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IlluminFX Casper IG2 2″ In-Ground Light

Casper 2″ In-ground light is perfect fpr pathway illumination.

SKU: IG2-L13-1AWW Category:
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IlluminFX Aspen 2″ Directional In-Ground Light

The Aspen SL2  LED In Grade fixtures are perfect for
pathway illumination, or turn them on their side to light up
small walls or railings. They come in 2 different styles with
flexibility for almost any job application.
Perfect for path lights and step lights. Comes with mounting sleeve for easy installation.
• Long life : 50,000 hours

SKU: SL2-L12-S-20HW Category:
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WAC Endurance Series Photo Sensor

Photo Sensor works with any Endurance Series Lights

SKU: PC-120-GY Category: Tag:
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WAC Endurance Fin Wall Light

Endurance Fin wall lights can be installed in any direction.

SKU: WP-LED119-30-AGH Category: Tag:
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WAC Endurance LED Brick Light

Endurance LED Brick Lights will brighten up any dark area.

SKU: WL-5105-30-ABK Category: Tag:
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WAC Scoop Decorative Wall Mount

Scoop Wall Mount is an up and down modern wall light

SKU: WS-W20506-GH Category: Tag:
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WAC Rubix 10″ LED Decorative Ceiling Light

Rubix 10″ LED Decorative Ceiling Light gives you a modern look.

SKU: FM-W2510-BZ Category: Tag:
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Rubix LED Up & Down Light

Rubix Up & Down LED wall light offers a modern appearance.

SKU: WS-W2505-BZ Category: Tag:
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