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Various sizes and weights of rolled burlap

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Siltex Wire Backed Silt Fence

Siltex Wire Backed Silt Fence is made with a galvanized wire fence covered with a woven silt fence fabric.

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Siltex SX-100 Contractor Grade Silt Fence

Siltex SX-100 contractor grade silt fence

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Cast Classic Small China Hat Area/Path Light

This Cast Small China Hat is a rugged solid bronze & copper path/area light that provides a soft glare free illumination and is suitable for lighting walkaways, planting beds and other areas.

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Cast Classic Tree Light

This Cast rugged MR-16 Tree Light features a heavy-gauge copper shroud with a solid bronze base and knuckle and is suitable for mounting in trees or on structures to provide a natural downlighting or moonlighting effect.

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Cast Classic Bullet Light

This Cast Bullet light is a rugged solid sand-cast bronze MR-16 fixture and is known as the workhorse of landscape lighting. It is virtually indestructible, weathers to a beautiful patina and survives the harshest of environmental conditions.

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Tuf-Tite 4″ Corrugated Pipe Connector

Connects a 4″ corrugated pipe to the Tuf-Tite TR1 End Drain or AD1 Area Drain

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